We hope this page will help you when booking SNAPPA


Q: How do I make an enquiry about booking snappa?

    A: You are quite welcome to email us at, text us on 07890149661 or leave a voice mail on the same number. Please try and give us as much information as you can so we can give you an accurate quote. Please state day, month and year of event, type of event, venue if known and/or location, approx number of people attending the event and if you require a disco package. If you are emailing us please put 'GIG ENQUIRY' in subject so we can filter junk mail.

Q: How far do you travel?

   A:  We are happy to travel to any part of the UK including Eire.

Q: How long do you play for?

   A: Pubs: For pubs we tend to play two sets. The first set lasts 50 minutes approx. and the second set lasts 1 hour 10 minutes approx. or we can play straight through for two hours.

   A: Weddings/ Parties:  We play two 1 hour sets with a break between sets (breaks discussed and arranged prior to the wedding so there is no clash with food service, speeches etc).

   A: Festivals/charity events: we can play from a 30 minute set to a 2 hour set.

 Q: Do you play different songs for different events?

    A: Yes depending on the type of audience and event , some songs are ideal for parties and weddings and other songs are more suited for pubs and festivals.

Q: We are thinking of booking the band where can we come and see you play?

    A: You are welcome to come along to any of our public gigs listed on the gigs page. Please take into consideration that at pubs/festivals/clubs we may play some songs that we would not play at weddings for example Hendrix and are more left field versions of songs. Due to the great demand of private work it has become harder for us to squeeze in public gigs such as pubs and clubs. If ever you need to hear what we sound like live or want to speak to someone who has seen/booked us we can put you in contact with past clients or we can send you demos or visit our demos page.

 Q: How long do you need to set up?

  A: generally we like to get into a venue 2 hours before we play, in this time we load gear into the venue, set up and sound check and give ourselves at least 30 minutes before we perform to sort out any technical problems, put up lighting or to give the punters 30 minutes of blissful silence or background music. If you require us to set up more than 3 hours before we play we may charge for standby time.

 Q: How long does it take for you to pack up?

   A: from the final chord being played to van loaded takes approx. 1hour - 1 hour 30 minutes depending on access to and from the venue and the use of extra equipment such as lighting.

 Q: Do you provide all of your equipment?

   A: Yes, we have an excellent PA by the American company Mackie which comprises of two full range tops and two subs which are all actively powered, approx 3500KW (really loud if you want us to be) it is adaptable for small gigs such as pubs and can be expanded for larger events such as outdoor gigs and marquees. We can also provide lighting to illuminate the band.

 Q: Do you do requests?

   A: No, many bands charge for this service to learn a song for your event but unfortunately Snappa are so busy as a band and as individual musicians that we have very limited time to rehearse throughout the year.

 Q: Can you supply a disco after your gig at our wedding/party?

   A: Yes, we can provide a disco, you have the choice of a 1 hour or 2 hour package. The DJ's cover rock, pop and soul from the last 50 years, you can have involvement in the type of music which is played.

 Q: How much room do you need for a gig?

   A: Even though we are 3 piece we still need the room of a four piece band because we all use mic stands. We need a performance area of 3 metres deep x 5 metres for band, lighting and PA.

 Q: How soon should I book a gig in advance?

   A: As soon as possible! Our diary fills up very quickly.

 Q: How much do you charge?

   A: This varies on the type of gig, where it is and what we need (lighting , PA, van etc) all prices are negotiable. Snappa is a small self contained unit (3 piece band) and we try to do our own lighting, PA and sound engineering ourselves.

 Q : Do we need to provide the band with a rider (food and drink)?

   A: No we are not worried about being fed and watered but if there is an odd sausage roll or burger available for our drummer then this would make him very happy.

 Q: Is there contracts involved when booking Snappa.

    A: This depends on the event/the organiser and the band. For all parties, weddings and private functions you will receive a booking confirmation/contract to ensure the band and date is all yours.

 Q: Do you have Public Liability?

    A: Yes we are members of the Musicians Union and we are covered for 30 million collectively and all our equipment is PAT tested.

 Q: Does it matter what kind of venue we are holding our event in?

    A: We don't mind playing any kind of venue as long as it is safe, i.e. the electrics are in good condition, if there is staging it must be structurally sound, if there is a marquee it must be water tight and put up properly and we must have proper flooring to perform on (not on grass). If there is a generator needed for an event it has to be installed properly with a earth pole and has been passed by health and safety or a qualified electrician. Garden parties are a risky area for any band to play, if the electrics supplied are not suitable for outdoor events and there is no proper stage area to get the band off the ground and there is the obvious risk of the British weather letting you down, so we do recommend a marquee. We will not play any event if we think it is unsafe and could endanger any member of the band or public.

Q: Can we use your PA for background music and speeches?

     A: Yes you can but this service may cost extra as the PA system has to be manned by one of the members of the band as in the past when we have left our PA unsupervised we have found people abused our equipment.

 Q: I have been emailing you but have had no reply!

   A: Snappa try their hardest to get back to you within 24 hours. If you have had no reply after 3 days then it is likely SNAPPA is experiencing a technical fault with their emails so please call or text 07890149661